What Makes Us Unique


Come and experience what authentic is!

Our Montessori program provides an ideal environment to enhance a child’s natural social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Our trained Montessori Teachers provide a warm and loving atmosphere which allows the children to progress at their own level emphasizing self motivated learning, choice making, and respect for self and others. Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity for children to gain independence and self-confidence. 

Our school was established in 1967 and is one of Winnipeg’s oldest and most respected Montessori schools. We are a non-profit Montessori program. This means that all tuition goes directly into providing a high quality program for our students.

We purchased our facility in 1989 where we enjoy a large open floor plan with over 4800 square feet of learning area. Our space includes large windows with lots of natural light, an artroom, 2 large classrooms and a gym for gross motor play. We also have a lovely fenced playground and private parking lot making drop off and pick up safe and convenient.

We have several options for families to choose from. We offer the flexibility of choosing preschool 2, 3 or 5 half days or full days. 

We also offer Kindergarten half days or full days, five days per week.