Practical Life: Skills for Daily Living
The practical life exercises provide an important link between the home and school. Through exercises such as pouring, sweeping, scrubbing and polishing, the young child refines his or her fine motor movements, enhances abilities for concentration and develops a sense of self and independence.


Sensorial: Exploring the World
As children continue their development they are introduced to the world of colour, size, shape, form, taste, touch, smell and sound through the Montessori sensorial materials. The sensorial exercises engage the child to identify, classify and compare as they seek to understand their world.


Mathematics: From Concrete to Abstract
Through the Montessori mathematics materials the children continue their exploration. Quantity and symbol, calculations and operations all begin at a very concrete level building one skill upon another towards the more complex.


Language: From Spoken to Written
The joy of language is ever present through the Montessori materials. Both the spoken and written language are encouraged and enhanced allowing the children to satisfy their fascination with the relationships between letters, words and sentences.


Culture and Geography
These beautifully crafted materials are integrated throughout our prepared environment. Puzzle maps, flags, cultural cards are just a few of the materials that spark the children's curiosity and begin their exploration of the world beyond home and school. A beautiful nature scene is found in both classrooms complete with tropical plants and fish.


Art: Form of Self Expression
Our environment also includes an art room which encourages the opportunity for creative exploration for all the children. We offer a full range of Montessori based art activities which include painting, cutting skills and many special activities which change weekly.


Creative Movement:
Gross motor development and
sense of self
The school has a large indoor gym full of a variety of equipment which promotes gross motor development. The children participate in a variety of music, songs and creative movement. Winnipeg Montessori also has a large outdoor play area which the children use at the end of each day, weather permitting.