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About Us

Montessori is an educational philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It was her belief that all children have a natural desire to learn. Their abilities to absorb information at certain sensitive periods of learning are enhanced when a child is exposed to a variety of Montessori learning materials. The opportunity for each child to grow and develop as individuals is the main focus of a Montessori program.

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School Programs

Our school provides three programs including extra activities for the children.


Snack program

Snacks are carefully selected to ensure they are "safe" for all children attending WMS.


● Practical Life: Skills for Daily Living
● Sensorial: Exploring the World
● Mathematics: From Concrete to Abstract
● Language: From Spoken to Written
● Culture and Geography
● Art: Form of Self Expression
● Creative Movement: Gross motor development and
sense of self

Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program receives a yearly visit from a Manitoba Department of Education inspector who provides a glowing report on the accomplishments of the children in our Kindergarten program. As well, our staff receive positive feedback from parents and public and private school teachers who say our students are well prepared for Grade One.

Extra activities

French and Music.

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“The greatest sign of success for a teacher, is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist”.

– Maria Montessori


Get Involved

Winnipeg Montessori School is a Not For Profit organization. Tax receipts will be issued when a family makes a donation. There are many ways of contributing to the school in support of our mission. The generosity of the school community is important in providing an excellent Montessori education to our students.